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Jeff’s Favourites of 2014

And just like that another year has come and gone.  With thousands of albums released over the past year, you would assume that picking albums to make up a list would be an easy task, however when it came time to put my own list together, I found myself in a musical mess.  Where did… Read More

The Rich Aucoin Experience

Rich Aucoin has spent the past eight years perfecting a craft that few are able to master and after Thursday night's performance at Reflections Cabaret for the Halifax Pop Explosion, it's safe to say perfection isn't very far off. (more…) Read More

One Track: Rich Aucoin, “Yelling In Sleep”

Just thought I'd throw some more love towards the Rich Aucoin camp, and in support of his upcoming album, "Ephemeral". This is the latest track, it's called "Yelling In Sleep", and I'll have to admit, it's pretty bad ass. The song opens with some distorted like bass, and just charges into the chorus like some… Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack – March 8, 2013

The first full week of March is pretty much in the bag, and here on the East Coast, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the East Coast Music Awards. As you may already know, the ECMA's are a week long celebration of East Coast music. It highlights both (more…) Read More