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One Track // Braden Lam – “Forest Fires”

https://youtu.be/ykR82HDnDk4 In a year that has been largely unprecedented, leave it to Braden Lam to lay out the horrifying truth about our environment in a catchy, folky earworm. His latest single paints a bleak, terrifying, and sadly not untrue picture of where things stand at present. Just flip the news on, and you'll be hard… Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack // We Made it Through the Week!

The Interrupters - "She's Kerosene" While I don't know if I've completely overcome my Ska Fever of the early '00s, I do dig the punk-forward sound of the latest cut from The Interrupters, "She's Kerosene". It's a dose of up-tempo aural caffeine that will be a great fit for your early morning soundtrack. https://youtu.be/Yq2jJLswL8I Dennis… Read More

The ‘Best Of’ Season is Upon Us!

In addition to the Christmas/Holiday season, it also marks the season of countdowns and best of lists. It’s a time for those voracious media-consumption types (like the 3 HAFILAXers) to sit and reflect on the shows, albums, movies and/or books that were consumed over the past year. For this trio of HAFILAX Music Geeks, 2014 saw… Read More

Adam Baldwin, Adam Baldwin EP, Indie

With the recent crop of solo male singer/songwriters emerging from the East Coast of Canada, it's not a huge surprise that at least one is following a similar trajectory to one of his band mates.  There's a good chance you've seen him in action and not realized it, Baldwin carries with him an interesting pedigree … Read More

Best of 2013 (Thus Far)

We're well into July now and after talking it over, we thought it would be a great time to share what we felt were some of the best albums (well, Top 4) in the first half of 2013. Personally I'll be grading this against a scale geared towards the endurance an album has and how… Read More

8 Tracks – Just Some Simple Ear Noms

1. "On the Line" - The Olms http://youtu.be/FAq7nn8vHzw The low fidelity movement is afoot, and the Olms jumped in with both feet.  "On the Line" is the latest release from the forthcoming (June 4th) debut album from the latest Pete Yorn project.  This track is reminiscent of Yorn's debut album Musicforthemorningafter, it's not an album crafted… Read More