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Top 5 NY Songs

So it appears that I did not set the auto-upload properly the past few days, thus resulting in another top 5 list to close out my favourite songs about New York City. #5 - The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You People won't be breaking out into full on rave parties (more…) Read More

NY Song #6

U2 - Angel of Harlem After the Joshua Tree was released U2 stood on top of the music industry. Becoming fully aware of where they stood within the realm of the music world, the arrogance of U2 skyrocketed to an entire new level. The release of Rattle and Hum would (more…) Read More

NY Song #7

Mobile - NY Minute How about some love for the Canadians with this one. Hailing from Montreal, Mobile were quick to enter the music scene and just as quick to vanish. But that doesn't mean that they didn't have the chance to make some sort of imprint upon the industry. Being nominated (more…) Read More

NY Song #8

Billy Joel - New York State of Mind Making his first of two appearances on my NY list, Billy Joel pens a love letter to the city of his dreams. Soulfully professing his love for the Big Apple, Joel playfully travels from one end of the city to the other as (more…) Read More

New York Song #9

The Only Living Boy In New York - Simon & Garfunkel "Tom, get your plane right on time. I know you're part will go fine." A master songwriter, Paul Simon either came up with one of the nicest disses or one hell of a reassurance to his partner in crime, Art Garfunkel. (more…) Read More

The New York Countdown

With less than three weeks to go, before I get to spend a week in New York city, I thought that it might be fun to create a list of my favourite songs involving The Big Apple. Instead of creating a list of ten songs, I've decided that I'll put (more…) Read More