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Hafilax Does HPX: HPX Is Hip-Hop (The Preview)

2014 appears to be the year of Hip-Hop when it comes to the Halifax Pop Explosion's line-up, with acts such as critical favorite Danny Brown, fan favorites and Wu-Tang alumni Raekwon (the Chef) and Ghostface Killah, Canadian Sensation SonReal and local favorites Ambition, Quake Matthews and Mike Boyd.   With that murderers row of well… Read More

Cellos Can Rock….

Once upon a time it was difficult to find or hear anything that wasn't being played on your local top 40 station.  Sure you would get the latest singles from which ever band/artist was popular at the time but finding that obscure mash-up or cover was something you could only hear about in passing other… Read More

Welcome to HAFILAX.COM

Initially when I sat out to create HAFILAX, it was a partnership with a classmate at McKenzie College to talk about music and upcoming concerts. The site has undergonemanyredesigns and for a while sat stale in the back of my head just waiting for a momentwhenIcould sit down and figure out (more…) Read More