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Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto, EMI

Coldplay is a band that manages to draw the ire of their critics no matter what direction they go. Chris Martin andCo.have always been saddled by the idea that Coldplay is merely following in the footsteps of U2 and while Mylo Xyloto won’t do much to dissuade that notion, it (more…) Read More

Tinie Tempah, Disc-overy, Capitol, EMI

It’s odd to talk about an artist that the WWE is responsible for breaking, but that’s the case with Tinie Tempah. TheUK rapper’s single “Written in the Stars” was selected as the theme song for Wrestlemania XXVII, but is actually the third single from his album Disc-overy. Tinie’s fusion of Electro-Hop (more…) Read More

Army of Anyone, Army of Anyone, EMI, Firm Music

As far as a lot of people are concerned Scott Weiland was Stone Temple Pilots, after he left STP and joined Slash and Co. for Velvet Underground not much attention was paidtothe brothers DeLeo. Fast forward to 2006, where former Filter front-man RichardPatrickhiresthe DeLeo brothers to help him write material (more…) Read More

The Starting Line, Direction, Virgin/EMI

The Starting Line’s latest effort Direction has been one of the more frustrating listens in recent memory. When you lead off with tracks such as “Direction” and “21” it sets an expectation of mediocrity with its mall-punk influences, however when it comes to the gem of the disc “Something Left (more…) Read More

Wil, Both Hands, EMI

You cannot deny the talent of Wil, as he is both a gifted songwriter and musician, but those elements alone do not make a hit album. Without the charisma or style to leave an impression on your audience, then your technical background means nothing. This is the case with (more…) Read More