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Don’t Hate, Appreciate!

The great thing about being a music geek is championing the acts that we love, and debating against the acts which we hate.  This is all well and good when it's all in good fun, however in the end we have to find a way to appreciate that our friends, family and foes may have… Read More

New to HAFILAX….

As a collective, we bantered for a few months over the thought of having a centralized spot for people to see what shows are upcoming in the region, and for the last couple of weeks that's something I've been working to bring to fruition.  As it's going to be a living, breathing entity with information… Read More

Incoming Concert Announcement **UPDATED**

The word on the street is that tomorrow morning (7:25) Q104 is making a "Major" concert announcement. Rumors that have been floating around include Mötley Crüe and Rush, are we getting confirmation on one or these? Or will it be something of a surprise? We'll just have to wait and see. (more…) Read More

Hope You’ve Been Saving Your Pennies…..

In an effort to break the Piggy Banks of music geeks all over Atlantic Canada, the fine folks over at Sonic Concerts have been lining up a solid parade of talented musicians to storm the stages all over the Atlantic Provinces. Here's an abbreviated list of what they on tap : (more…) Read More