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Album Review // “Misty” – Not You

When you sit a child down with a bag of Lego, you can be assured that you will encounter a myriad of ideas that spring forth from their imagination. It all depends on what pieces they combine to form their creation. The Halifax music scene is something of a bag of Lego itself, as bands… Read More

Port Cities//Port Cities//Album Review

The long-awaited and highly anticipated debut album from Port Cities has come to fruition and has lived up to all of the expectations they’ve set for themselves. Their self-titled pop gem has the easy playability that can range from pre-parties, to those lonesome days where music is your only friend. Their palette of love from… Read More

Pretty Archie – Sing Alongs and Love Songs

Have you ever wondered what the East Coast sounds like? Pretty Archie’s latest album “Sing Alongs and Love Songs” will guide you to the answer and with it, a more aptly named record has never existed. Their third album will be released Friday, September 23rd and it is chock full of exactly what you’d expect.… Read More

Washed Out, Paracosm, Sub Pop

Departing from the more intimate experience of his previous effort, Ernest Greene, songwriter behind Washed Out has created an album that you can groove to, and feel good about, almost a celebration of sorts. The dreamy sound is still there, but there's a more tradition sense, since the arrangments in the instruments are more than… Read More