Carlos Santana, Guitar Heaven, Arista

Carlos Santana sure knows how to pick ‘em, having Chris Cornell cover Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love”, Indie Arie and Yo Yo Ma guest on “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”, Chris Daughtry cover Def Leppard’s “Photograph” all work surprisingly well. However,having Chester Bennington cover “Riders on the Storm” and Nas (more…) Read More

Slowcoaster, Darkest of Discos, Indie

On Darkest of Discos (DoD) Cape Breton’s Slowcoaster has put together a solid follow-up to their well received previous effort Future Radio. While DoD strays a bit from the reggae and funk elements that made previous albums so enjoyable, it is not to say that this is any less of (more…) Read More

Hooded Fang, Hooded Fang Album, Indie

Hooded Fang Album is a slice of hipster-heaven from the Toronto-based seven piece collective Hooded Fang (and their laundry list of guest players). While the band itself is very capable of hitting the studio and cranking out an album that comes loadedwithpraisefrom some trusted critics, it just fails to reach out (more…) Read More

Nas, Illmatic, Sony Music

1994 marks the 10th anniversary of Nas’ debut album Illmatic. Nas emerged quietly alongside the debut of Bad Boy records (featuring the debuts of both Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy). While Biggie and Puffy did their thing, Illmatic went on to become an instant classic without the same fanfare. (more…) Read More

N.E.R.D., Fly Or Die, Star Trek,Virgin

2004 is year of the N.E.R.D.,or so says Pharell Williams. N.E.R.D. (Chad Hugo and Shay Haley being the other 2/3’s), have dropped Fly Or Die, the follow-up to the hugely successful (and overplayed) In Search Of…. An intimate album that is better suited to a pair of headphones, rather than (more…) Read More

Orgy, Punk Static Paranoia, D1 Records

Dark, ominious and lurking somewhere between Korn and Marilyn Manson, is Orgy, who have returned with their follow-up to 2001’s ill-received Vapor Transmission. Punk Static Paranoia is sharper, more melodic and seemly more focused on their craft, rather than focusing on gimmicky crap such as Marilyn’s theatrics and Korn’s faux-anger. (more…) Read More

Out Of Your Mouth, Draghdad, Vik/BMG

Did anyone else think rap-metal was dead? Even Fred Durst received the memo (thank-god!), but apparently the boys in Out Of Your Mouth were absent that day. Their debut album Draghdad is a throwback to Durst and co.’s reign atop the charts. Sadly the only shining moment on (more…) Read More

Powderfinger, Vulture Street, Polydor

Vulture Street is Powderfinger’s 5th full-length album, in addition to a handful of EP’s. Unfortunately, North American audiences have been unreceptive to the charm of this Aussie five-piece rock band. Powderfinger have a more refined blues-rock sound as compared to the gruffly bombast sound of fellow Aussie’s Jet. Vulture (more…) Read More

Various Artists, The Punisher OST, Wind-Up Records

The Punisher was never a mainstream hero like Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk, but he was the lesser-known vigilante cousin. When he got the big-screen call, the Punisher soundtrack was a forgone conclusion, line up a couple marquee hard-rock bands (Nickelback, Queens of The Stone Age, and a reformed Drowning (more…) Read More

Jacksoul, Resurrected, Vik

In the wee hours, a cabbie told his fares “He Calls Himself Jacksoul”, when questioned about the Motown-esque music coming from the cabbies’ stereo. Jacksoul came and went a few years ago with a sophomore release entitled Sleepless, nothing special, just another album in the gamut of pop/r&b releases. (more…) Read More