G-Unit, TOS (Terminate on Sight), G-Unit, Interscope

T.O.S. is the sophomore effort from 50 Cent’s entourage G-Unit, and while they’ve undeniably influenced the next wave of lil’ gangsters, theirfocus has been more on their beefs and other endeavors vs. releasing an album than continuing that influence. On their debut album Beg For Mercy the beats were massive (more…) Read More

Lloyd, Lessons in Love, Universal, The Inc

It says something about an album when you pick it up only to hear the guest spot on the lead single. Sadly that was the motivatingfactorfor pressing play on Lloyd’s latest disc Lessons in Love. With tracks emblazoned with titles such as “Sex Education” and “Love Making 101” (more…) Read More

Trapt, Only Through the Pain, Eleven Seven

When Trapt’s eponymous debut dropped a mere 5 years ago, the California 4-piece showed a great deal of promise with their brand of crunchy radio-friendly rock. Since then, the band has gone on to release their sophomore disc Someone in Control in 2005 and their latest effort Only Through the (more…) Read More

Dave Matthews Band, Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux King, RCA

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King is an album that finds the Dave Matthews Band at a crossroad, with the passing of long-timememberLeroi Moore (the titular GrooGrux King) and the inclusion of Matthews' longtime collaborator, Tim Reynolds. The emotionsrunningthroughthis album are vividly palpable, as this is clearly both an homage to (more…) Read More

Sean Kingston, Tomorrow, Sony, Epic

If you’ve been able to avoid Sean Kingston’s single “Fire Burning” up until now, then consider yourself lucky. The smash singleoff of Kingston’s sophomore effort Tomorrow has been tearing up top 40 radio for months now and the recently released “Face Drop” is attempting to repeat that success (without being (more…) Read More

A-Trak, Infinity +1, ThriveRecords

Before the age of twenty, A-Trakflipped the world of hip-hop and turntablism on its head by winning a myriadof DJ competitionsincludingthe three majors (DMC, ITF and Vestax). In2004 Kanye West recruited A-Trak to be his tour DJ, in addition to appearingonWest’s Late Registration (2005) & Graduation (2007)albums. Most recently (more…) Read More

The Respectables, Sweet Mama, Universal

It might be a detriment to the band that the only track that jumped off of the speakers was their single “Sugar” dueto the involvement of producer Gordie Johnson. It is not that the rest of the album is bad, it’s just that the band spends the majority of (more…) Read More

Pete Yorn, Back & Fourth, Columbia

It’s refreshing to see Columbia supporting artists such as Pete Yorn who have yet to enjoy a top 10 hit and who may in fact not be as commercially viable as the latest one hit superstar. He is one of those rare gems lurking on the shelf in your local (more…) Read More

Keri Hilson, In a Perfect World, Universal

Is it wrong when the two lead singles from an album draw your attention based on the guest artists? With both “Turnin’ MeOn” and “Knock You Down”, it’s not Keri’s work that is garnering attention, instead Lil’ Wayne and Kanye’s guest spots (respectively) are overshadowing her debut effort. While (more…) Read More