The Starting Line, Direction, Virgin/EMI

The Starting Line’s latest effort Direction has been one of the more frustrating listens in recent memory. When you lead off with tracks such as “Direction” and “21” it sets an expectation of mediocrity with its mall-punk influences, however when it comes to the gem of the disc “Something Left (more…) Read More

Raine Maida, The Hunters Lullaby, Nettwerk

When word began to trickle out that Raine (front-man of Our Lady Peace) Maida was heading into the studio to start work on his solo debut, imaginations began to churn with hopeandendless possibility about what the album would sound like. Interests weredefinitelypiquedby the idea of a solo Raine Maida, sadly (more…) Read More

The Killers, Sawdust, Island

While a 3rd studio effort from the Killers would be nice, this sadly isn’t it. Apparently during the recording of Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town, Brandon Flowers and Co. managed to amass a number of alternative recordings (or Sawdust if you will) that were unable to find a place on (more…) Read More

Colbie Calliat, Coco, Universal Music

Colbie Calliat (Calliat rhymes with Ballet) isn’t exactly what you’d call a household name, however the moment that her lead single “Bubbly” beings to flow from your speakers, you’ll more thanlikely be able to easily recognize the Joni Mitchell-meets-Jack Johnson sound. As you begin to dip deeper into Colbie’s Coco, (more…) Read More

The Hives, The Black and White Album

While it may have been Veni Vedi Vicious that helped break The Hives into North American markets, it was its follow-up Tyrannosaurs Hives which led credence to the hype whichwasbeginning to swirl around the band. While their eccentric stage presencelendsanair of novelty to the proceedings, it is the music which (more…) Read More

OneRepublic, Dreaming Out Loud, Interscope

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ve heard the Timbaland remix of OneRepublic’s “Apologize” in some form. It may not be a groundbreaking single, however it was certainly a breakthrough one for the band. OneRepublic’s front-man Ryan Tedder had previously worked for (more…) Read More

Nelly Furtado, Loose-The Concert, Geffen

While it was Nelly Furtado’s collaboration with Timbaland on her 2006 effort Loose that solidified her place on the pop map. Her singles are still heard across the country on a frequent basis, however it’s likely that the majority of listeners have never stopped to wonder how these songs would (more…) Read More

Classified, While You Were Sleeping, Half Life Records

White emcees have been fighting an uphill battle for quite some time, viewed by many as nothing more than a novelty act (see Vanilla Ice, or Organized Rhyme) no matter what their upbringing was. It wasn't until an unknown rapper brokeoutof Detroit thatwhiterappers/emceeswere truly taken seriously in the hip-hop community south (more…) Read More