Hunter Valentine, The Impatient Romantic, True North

There are albums that have you reaching for the stop button even before track 3 has even finished, then again there are albums out there which somehow manage to weld themselves into your portablemusicdevice. The debut LP from Hunter Valentine is undoubtedlyoneofthe latter. Kiyomi’s sultry vocals (think Linda Perry (more…) Read More

Grady, A Cold Cup of Poison, Warner

You must have been living under a rock for the past decade to not know of Big Sugar and/or its front-man Gordie Johnson. Big Sugar has shredded speakers right across this great nation of ours withtheirblend of reggae infused blues rock. In 2004 duetoadispute with the CRTC, Johnson disbanded (more…) Read More

Maroon 5, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, J Records

Now that it’s clear that Maroon 5 doesn’t have a female lead singer (a popular misconception when Songs About Jane was released), Adam Levine and Company have returned with their sophomore release <em>It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. The old adage“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the (more…) Read More

The 69 Eyes, Angels, Virgin Music

The 69 Eyes owe a great deal of thanks to Bam Margera for the public awareness that he bestowed upon the Finnish band showcasing the band on his television show VivaLaBam. The band has recently released their latest effort Angels. While their sound blendselementsofpunk, metal, goth and anthemic arena rock, (more…) Read More

ALO, Roses & Clover, Brushfire Records

The latest offering from the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) entitled Roses & Clover, had piqued the interest in fans of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records label upon its initial announcement, however upon pressing play you started to wonder if you somehow got stuck with one of those infernal Time Life: Soft Rock (more…) Read More

Metric, Grow Up & Blow Away, Last Gang Recordings

There doesn’t seem to be much slowing down Emily Haines’ frenetic pace. After Metric’s debut album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? Cracked the surface, it was its follow-up Live It Out whichbroke through and put Metric on the indie rock map.Opting to ride the indie-darling wave even (more…) Read More

Army of Anyone, Army of Anyone, EMI, Firm Music

As far as a lot of people are concerned Scott Weiland was Stone Temple Pilots, after he left STP and joined Slash and Co. for Velvet Underground not much attention was paidtothe brothers DeLeo. Fast forward to 2006, where former Filter front-man RichardPatrickhiresthe DeLeo brothers to help him write material (more…) Read More

Slowcoaster, Future Radio, Company House Records

Few bands are able to transcend 2-3 genres over the course of a career, however there are far fewer that are able to transcend a laundry list of genres on a single album.TheseCape Breton (by way of B.C.) lads are better known as Slowcoaster and can countthemselvesamongstthe elite who can (more…) Read More

Kanye West, Graduation, Roc-A-Fella Records

Hands down, there is no one who loves Kanye West more than Kanye West. Sure each of his three albums come with an abundance of over-aggrandizing, but that simply adds to the legend thatheattempting to cultivate. The Louis Vuitton Don is one of thefewartiststhat can actually back the (more…) Read More