Welcome to HAFILAX.COM

Initially when I sat out to create HAFILAX, it was a partnership with a classmate at McKenzie College to talk about music and upcoming concerts. The site has undergonemanyredesigns and for a while sat stale in the back of my head just waiting for a momentwhenIcould sit down and figure out (more…) Read More

The Script, Science and Faith, Epic, Sony

Riding hot on the heels of their breakthrough single “Breakeven”, the Irish trio has released its follow-up Science andFaith. The lead single “For the First Time” takes the Script’s proven formula of ballad-y pop rock and changes absolutely nothing.This is an album made for soundtracks to the Grey’s Anatomy’s and (more…) Read More

Childish Gambino EP

Fans of Community will recognize Childish Gambino as Troy (hetero life-mate to Danni Pudi's lovable Abed). While this could easily be discountedasa novelty effort, it's safe to say it's anything but! Donald Glover manages to channel two of the biggestnamesonCash Money records (no, I'm not talking about Nicki Minaj either), simply (more…) Read More

Current Addictions

Thus far, all I've posted are old reviews that I was looking to share electronically. You'll notice that I listen too allsortsof music, so I thought that I would share some tunes I've currently found myself addicted to: Brett Dennen - "Sydney (I'llComeRunning)"-- This is the lead single from Dennen's forthcoming (more…) Read More

Ghettosocks, Get Some Friends, Indie

Ghettosocks is far from a novelty, he’s the real deal, an emcee with an ear for Old-School tearing up anyone or anything that gets in front of him. He takes hip-hop back to the streets and makes it fun again. Get Some Friends is pure ear candy, it throws the (more…) Read More

James Morrison, Undiscovered, Polydor

Friends will recommend all kinds of albums. Some hit the mark, while others miss by a mile. Unfortunately James Morrison’s Undiscovered falls into the latter category as it’s analbum that fails to leave a lasting impression. From the plaintive, derivative cover art to the too-smooth soul infused pop-rock sounds (more…) Read More

Timbaland, Shock Value, Interscope

Having made a name for himself as Missy Elliott’s right hand man, Timbaland has emerged as one of (if not) THE premiere producers in the music industry. After helming Nelly Furtado’s breakthrough Loose and Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds albums, his fingerprints can be found on albums by the Pussycat (more…) Read More