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One Track: Glory Glory, “Indigo Son”

I don't know too many chillwave bands coming out of Halifax, so it's pretty refreshing to hear it when it happens. That's the case with Glory Glory's latest track, "Indigo Son". It's a soothing track, that wishes you were laying on the beach, catching some sun rays. This is the first single from their latest…Read More

One Track – Mokomokai – “Poison Whiptail” In recent years there have been bands (see The Darkness) who have their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks when it comes to retro metal and rawk, it all smacks of Novelty and Nostalgia.  At times that 70's Metal sound is lost to a flamboyant bucket of glitter and pop influence, but then there…Read More

One Track: The Town Heroes, “Berlin Wall”

Off of their latest release, Sunday Movies, The Town Heroes have released their newest single, "Berlin Wall". It's a catchy song with some fancy guitar riffs. The video starts up on Argyle St. with some German dude pitting lead-singer Mike Ryan against the "Berlin Wall" for Bruce's survival, and the fight results in a surprising…Read More

One Track: Moon, “Dented In The Bag”

Sometimes I like to go on a hunt for new music, and just sometimes I find a hidden gem. Usually my reaction is download the tune/album, and put it on regular rotation onto my iPod. But sometimes, that hidden gem comes from my own backyard, and I just want to tell everyone about it. That…Read More

One Track: Metz, “Wasted” Whoa, I think I just blew a gasket listening to this song. These guys are absolutely sick, and not just this song, their whole self-titled album that was released sometime a year ago. It's literally on frequent repeat, as I enjoy it's crunchy guitars, and it's screaming drowned out vocals. I hate to make…Read More

One Track: MGMT, “Your Life Is A Lie” If there's one band that has been on everyone's radar, it's MGMT. After the popular "Oracular Spectacular!, spawning such hits as "Electric Feel", "Kids", "Time To Pretend", everyone's looking for the next new hit. But after the underwhelming release of "Congratulations", expectations don't seem so high, but there's always room surprise, this is MGMT…Read More

One Track: Paper Lions, “My Friend”

I'm actually excited for the release of Paper Lion's latest album, My Friends, which gets it's official release August 20th. After listening their earlier teaser, "Philadelphia", back in May, the Paper Lions drop us what appears to be their official first single off the album, "My Friend". It's getting quite a bit of airplay on…Read More

One Track: “Had It Coming” – Matthew Good

There aren't too many acts that can announce a show in town and almost instantly get my concert going cash, Matthew Good is one of those rare acts that will continue to impress time after time.  You walk away hearing the material, but not in the exact way it sounds on the album, but it's…Read More