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One Track: “Victoria” – Tamara Williamson – Indie

Victoria Montenegro
Inspiration doesn't usually call ahead and schedule an appointment, it is a fickle beast and can sneak up at any given point and strike unexpectedly.  All that you can really do, is be open to the opportunity and grasp hold. Such is the case with songwriter and chanteuse Tamara Williamson and her track "Victoria". As told to HAFILAX, Tamara was driving her son…Read More

One Track: Rich Aucoin, “Yelling In Sleep”

Just thought I'd throw some more love towards the Rich Aucoin camp, and in support of his upcoming album, "Ephemeral". This is the latest track, it's called "Yelling In Sleep", and I'll have to admit, it's pretty bad ass. The song opens with some distorted like bass, and just charges into the chorus like some…Read More

One Track: Braids, “Deep Running”

Here's the latest track from the atmospheric indie-rock band, Braids. It has this really groovy reggae, summer beat to the song, and also has this familiar feel that is reminiscent of their last album, Flourish // Perish, that was just released last year. It kinda makes me wonder if this was a song that they…Read More

One Track: July Talk, “Summer Dress”

Hot off the press is the latest July Talk track, "Summer Dress". This video mixes the attitude of Peter Dreimanis, and the sexiness of Leah Fay in this power punching blues-rock song. Props to the director for the "best use of pillow" in this video, nothing could ever be cooler. Be sure to check out…Read More

One Track: SoHo Ghetto, “One At A Time”

After checking out one of their shows at the East Coast Music Week, for the Buyer's Showcase, I came across their youtube video that was showing some of the highlights of the band at the music festival. It was a good video, that showed the band that they were enjoying themselves during the week, but…Read More