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Friday Night Soundtrack – February 1st, 2013

So due to some mental technical problems (me forgetting to auto-publish this one) I really wanted to pump out a compilation piece this week, but I've been so engulfed by the following artist, it only seemed right that I dedicated this weeks FNS to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia's very own, Matt Mays. Usually (more…)Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack – Dec. 28, 2012

It seems only fitting that the last FNS post of 2012 should be represented by the band who pumped out my favourite album this year; The Avett Brothers. Although the Avett's have a pretty large collection of tunes, this list is comprised mainly of hits which you may have already heard. (more…)Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack – Dec. 21, 2012

It's the Christmas edition! Now that the pressure is off to have my 2012 list finished, it's time to continue on with my weekly duties. With Christmas less than a week away, it only seems right that this weeks list is dedicated to this wonderful holiday. Due to my lack of love (more…)Read More