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Friday Night Soundtrack – Aug 15th/2014

For the past few weeks we've been busy showing you what we've been up to, with a slew of pictures from the shows that have been taking place around town.  What we failed to do is share what we've been listening to while we've been out and about, so tonight's Friday Night Soundtrack will look…Read More

8 Track: Saturday’s Open Road Edition

In little under a week, two thirds of HAFILAX will be hitting the road for Bangor, ME to indulge in a little summer roadtrip to see the Dave Matthews Band.  It's a little bittersweet to be heading to Bangor, rather than having the fine folks in either Halifax or Moncton work their magic to bring…Read More

8 Tracks: Catchin’ my Ear

1. "Infinitesimal" - Mother Mother This is a song that has crept into my brain and just lurked there, haunting me for the past several days.  I catch myself humming the tune at work, while I'm out running and I wake up with it on the tip of my ears.  It's a tune that…Read More

8 Tracks: The Workout Edition

Now that we finally have some good weather outside, here in Halifax. I've decided to come up with a 8-tracks playlist for you to enjoy while you walk, jog, roller blade, cut the grass or whatever you do outside in the sun. Most of these tunes are fairly new, and have a pretty good beat…Read More

8 Tracks – Just Some Simple Ear Noms

1. "On the Line" - The Olms The low fidelity movement is afoot, and the Olms jumped in with both feet.  "On the Line" is the latest release from the forthcoming (June 4th) debut album from the latest Pete Yorn project.  This track is reminiscent of Yorn's debut album Musicforthemorningafter, it's not an album crafted…Read More

8 Tracks: New and Noteworthy

Hello Again and welcome back for a new edition of 8 Tracks: Catchin' On.  I'm not sure how many others listen to music, but I know for me it's a voracious appetite of MP3's, local rock radio and a barrage of Youtube videos to keep up with the new music that is constantly pouring out.…Read More

8 Tracks :: New Releases

The Friday Night Soundtrack is unavailable this week (Jeff was off gallivanting in the T-Dot last weekend, so he's still unwinding from his trip to see Muse), so I thought it would be a good time to share with out some of the new tracks I've been digging recently. So sit (more…)Read More