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The New York Countdown

With less than three weeks to go, before I get to spend a week in New York city, I thought that it might be fun to create a list of my favourite songs involving The Big Apple. Instead of creating a list of ten songs, I've decided that I'll put (more…)Read More

The Weekly 8-Tracks: Random Picks

1. "Shadrach" - Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique 2. "Snowed In/Cruisin'" - Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock 3. "One and Only" - Adele - 21 4. "Dream Girl" - Dave Matthews Band - Stand 5. "The National Anthem" - Radiohead - Kid A 6. "Angel/Better Together" - Jack Johnson - En Concert 7. "All…Read More

Quick Hit: Sunday Sept. 16 – 8 Track Random Mix

(5 Tracks didn't have quite the same ring to it, as the ill fated media format 8-Track) Here goes... 1. "This Evening's Great Excuse" - Rock Crown - Seven Mary Three 2. "Fire in Freetown" - Troubadour - KN'aan 3. "Canadian National Anthem"-July1st 2004, Molson Amphitheatre -The Tragically Hip w/ Joel Plaskett 4. "Poor (more…)Read More

Quick Hit: 5 Tracks For You to Check Out…..

1. LCD Soundsystem - "Drunk Girls" - This is a fun piece of electro-pop fluff, nothing too heavy. Worth a listen, it also makes for a great road-trip song. 2. K'Naan - "In the Beginning"-Great kickstarter for a mix, loaded with energy and hasaninterestingtaletogo along with it. Highly recommend this (more…)Read More

Powderfinger, Vulture Street, Polydor

Vulture Street is Powderfinger’s 5th full-length album, in addition to a handful of EP’s. Unfortunately, North American audiences have been unreceptive to the charm of this Aussie five-piece rock band. Powderfinger have a more refined blues-rock sound as compared to the gruffly bombast sound of fellow Aussie’s Jet. Vulture (more…)Read More