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The ‘Best Of’ Season is Upon Us!

In addition to the Christmas/Holiday season, it also marks the season of countdowns and best of lists. It’s a time for those voracious media-consumption types (like the 3 HAFILAXers) to sit and reflect on the shows, albums, movies and/or books that were consumed over the past year. For this trio of HAFILAX Music Geeks, 2014 saw…Read More

Matt Andersen w/ The Town Heroes

Matt Andersen
On a night which found country legend Kenny Rogers playing across town in the Scotiabank Centre and the Paper Lions on stage at the Grawood, the hot ticket of the evening was for the return of Matt Andersen (with the Mellotones).  The Olympic Hall might have been known as the "Dirty O" once upon a…Read More

I’d Rather Listen to Nickelback!

Catchy title, right!  This topic came up one evening while I was sitting on my couch, enjoying a cold beverage while discussing with Trevor the credibility (or lack thereof) of Canada's own Nickelback.  As we all know, there is a massive distaste for these Albertan rockers and a simple google search will prove this statement to…Read More

When is enough, enough U2?

Among all of the iPhone 6 and iOS8 hype, U2 snuck in small bonus with the release of their latest album Songs of Innocence which would be pushed to all iTunes users regardless of the user’s feedback.  In most cases this would be a non-issue, but the news caused a great deal of backlash among users who…Read More

Salmon Fest 2014

Well no one would have seen this one coming.  With a classic rock feel deeply engraved within the Salmon Festival roots, it was odd to see that Maroon 5, Pitbull and Simple Plan have been named as the headliners for the July 5th outdoor extravaganza. I understand that planning any type of show that involves…Read More

Major Concert Announcement? Is it always Major?

With the spate of recent concert announcements, the word that keeps getting thrown around a great deal is Major when it pertains to shows being announced.  Now don't get me wrong, we're getting a lot of excellent acts arriving on our doorstep and this isn't to take away from their importance, however if you want to…Read More

Don’t Hate, Appreciate!

The great thing about being a music geek is championing the acts that we love, and debating against the acts which we hate.  This is all well and good when it's all in good fun, however in the end we have to find a way to appreciate that our friends, family and foes may have…Read More