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Festival Review – A Gridlock Rundown

"If you book them, they will come" And with that Matt McIntyre and Jeremy MacNeil get to now wake up knowing what it feels like to have pulled off the unthinkable: successfully bring together a diverse musical line-up consisting of DJs, indie rock darlings, and local home grown talent, all within the city limits of Halifax. (more…)Read More

Five Albums That Started Right

Creating an album can be a fickle process where every step of the way is scrutinized to the Nth degree.  Opinions are often emotionally charged thus resulting in multiple discussions on how both songs are constructed and how they fit within the larger whole of an album. (more…)Read More

Hafilax Predicts The ECMA Winners

With the 2015 ECMA award show right around the corner (April 8th - 12th), it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and predict who we feel that this year's winners will be.  It should be noted that there is no science behind how we came up with our picks, nor do we have any…Read More

Tom Petty vs Music

It was recently announced that new kid on the block, Sam Smith, has agreed to terms that will pay one of music's most well-known artists, Tom Petty, a reported 12.5% writing credit for Smith's massive 2014 hit, "Stay With Me".  Apparently the case was made when it was noticed that both the verse and chorus…Read More

Much Anticipated Albums Of 2015

We've taken the time to reflect on what a year it had been in 2014. We had the pleasure to tear apart and enjoy each and every album we could get our feisty hands on, and compiled up all of our favourites. And after going from album to album, through multiple spins, we are ready…Read More