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Coachella Weekend One :: Day 1 – Watch Live

One year we will make the trek down to California for Cochella, just not this year. We'll be watching the live feeds like everyone else unfortunately. Below, we've included the feeds for the separate stages. As I type this, Of Monsters and Men are performing, looks like it would be a (more…)Read More

RIP: The “New” Palace

Well kids, it's another sad day in the Halifax bar scene. Word has trickled out over twitter for the past few hours that the Palace was rumored to be closing, and sadly this has been confirmed by its owners Marcel and Michel Khoury. This is not how we envisioned kicking off our (more…)Read More

We Countdown Our Favorite Venues

As you've no doubt ascertained, we here at HAFILAX enjoy live music and live concert events. We've started writing about the shows we've had the pleasure to attend in recent weeks. There will a great deal more of that down the road, but those live shows sparked a great debate amongst (more…)Read More


Wow for a band that I first saw play the ECMA award show, I really really dig their electro infused rock. The lead singer had the crowd eating out of her hand and the crowd seemed to be into this Newfoundland based quartet. I'll be looking forward to their (more…)Read More