Show Thoughts & Shots // The Trews @ 2037 Gottingen (Marquee Stage) – 30.03.24


To say that the first half of 2024 has been busy is very much an understatement, with the Junos having taken place and seeing acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, Styx, Alan Doyle, City  & Colour all hitting the stages around town. In addition to all of those massive shows, Halifax also hosted a homecoming of sorts for The Trews. The formerly Nova Scotia-based band was out on the road celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album House of Ill Fame, a tour that wrapped up on the Marquee Ballroom stage over two nights at the tail end of March.

Considering we are a bit spoiled here on the East Coast, as The Trews normally play larger venues and theatres across the country, we get to see them on a stage where they cut their teeth under the name One I’d Trouser (eventually shortened to Trouser), which eventually became the well-known moniker The Trews in 2002.

John Angus

This writer was there when the band released House of Ill Fame and showcased these beloved songs on the Marquee Ballroom stage in those early days, and has been a fan for the better part of the last 2 decades. It was a definite trip to return to the same room, to see the band perform that landmark album all these years later. Songs such as “Confessions”,  “Not Ready to Go”, “Every Inambition”, and “Hollis and Morris” all sound as fresh and as vibrant  as they did when they were released. Once the album set was complete, Colin, Jack, John Angus and the crew then moved on to the more recent material such as “Hope & Ruin”, “Paranoid Freak” (with a “Hush” interlude), “I Can’t Stop Laughing”  and “So She’s Leaving”.  It was a triumphant return for a band that started out on the East Coast and have become a dominant force in the Canadian music industry.

Nick Earle & The Reckless Hearts

Supporting the Trews on this night was the Newfoundland rock act Nick Earle & The Reckless Hearts, a band that features vocalist Nick Earle, guitarist Andrew Rodgers, bassist Clare Follett and drummer Dan George.  A potent four-piece making solid rock music with a definite pop influence, they earned themselves more than a few new fans with their opening set. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this relatively new act.

The Trews

Nick Earle & The Reckless Hearts

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