Show Thoughts & Shots // The Fabulously Rich @ The Marquee Ballroom – 25.03.23

Back in late March of this year, the PEI-based tribute band The Fabulously Rich made a triumphant return to the Marquee Ballroom. It’s a room they have played in in the past, after outgrowing the Seahorse Tavern stage downstairs. For those not familiar, The Fabulously Rich is a Tragically Hip tribute band, with wildly talented singer-songwriter Dennis Ellsworth embodying the electric and enigmatic front-man role.

You may scoff at the idea of tribute acts, and more so at a Tragically Hip tribute act, due to the fact that many of the Hip’s songs are considered iconic, in addition to national gems. No one is disputing those facts, and I had my doubts walking into my very first Fabulously Rich show, but it didn’t take long for the band to win me over. The Fabulously Rich covers the gamut of the Hip’s catalogue and are always tinkering with their setlist, loading it with those beloved gems, as well as the deep cuts for the die-hard fans.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen a handful of performances of the Fabulously Rich, and they have yet to disappoint.  Each and every time, I am floored by how well Dennis Ellsworth channels the essence of Gord, right down to the way he dances with the mic stand.  On this cool March evening, he was in a great mood, working the crowd like a consummate pro, and mugging for a certain photog in the crowd. The band worked through an extensive set and left the crowd ready for their return.

That return is only a week away, as the band is coming back to Halifax to perform those Tragically Hip tunes on Monte’s Showbar stage.  If you haven’t snapped up your tickets by now, you should get on it as it will be a packed room.  It’s a fantastic way to spend an evening reliving these classic songs, especially since it’s the Saturday of a long weekend. I can’t recommend The Fabulously Rich enough, they are a band not to be missed.


The Fabulously Rich @ The Marquee Ballroom

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