Friday Night Soundtrack :: Kicking the Day Off Edition

Black Pumas – “Colors”

I think I was running errands last weekend when I caught the premiere of this track, and when the band name was mentioned I expected something far, far heavier. The band has this timeless sound, where it sounds both old and new – while there is an indie rock backbone, there are definite shades of soul and r&b cooked into this sound. All I know is that the Black Pumas left indelible paw prints on my eardrums.

Matt Maeson – “Cringe”

This is another cut that I caught a few times on satellite radio while running the road, and it burrowed its way deeper and deeper into my psyche on each subsequent play.  t was one of those songs that sent you straightaway to Google to find more of his material. He’s an interesting singer-songwriter who has steadily built a small cache of songs, which eventually became the foundation of this first full-length album Bank on the Funeral, which dropped earlier this year.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Julien”

While few may remember Carly Rae’s appearance on the ill-fated Canadian Idol, many more know her from the smash single “Call You Maybe” and subsequent parade of synthy pop gems. Her Midas touch shows no signs of waning, as her latest single (and lead from her upcoming album Dedicated) is another glittery jam. Be prepared, as you will be hearing this track everywhere in the weeks to come.

Sharon Van Etten – “Seventeen”

Sometimes you will get a recommendation on an artist, or a band, but for whatever reason it goes on the back burner, until it catches fire and you are forced to pay attention. That is 100% the case with Sharon Van Etten; she was recommended to me over two years ago, and it took hearing this catchy folky indie-rock track on the radio for my ears to really perk up. It’s a track that just brims with emotion and heart, and will latch onto you and pluck away at those heart strings. This is a track that you have to hear.

Beck – “Saw Lightning”

There are a lot of folks who love (or have loved) Beck’s more outright pop material, but Beck’s latest offering “Saw Lightning” is a throwback to his early days of “Mellow Gold” and “Odelay”. There is a dusty western undercurrent running through this Beck/Pharrell collab, but still that pop element at play here. This is a catchy, infectious track that will keep you reaching for that repeat button.

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