Flashback Friday Photos // Matt Mays w/ Dustin Bentall @ The Shore Club 24.08.18

I finally made the trek out to Hubbards to catch one of the annual end-of-summer Shore Club shows staged by Matt Mays and Co. After hearing people rave about these shows, it’s easy to see why. The room isn’t much bigger than the Seahorse, and the crowd crammed inside wasn’t just looking for something to do, as they had to make the 45-minute trek outside of the city to catch the show, so it’s a pro-Mays crowd.

For the most part folks were chill and ready to have a good time; even if some cats wanted to tussle up front towards the end of the night, it hardly deterred from the fan-friendly setlist. It was a special night seeing each member of the band shine, and no one shone brighter than one Mr. Leith Fleming-Smith (sorry, Matt). It was fun to watch the giddy grin as Leith punished his keys with some fantastic jams, that brought a smile to the faces of each and every one of his bandmates.

Kicking the night off was Dustin Bentall, who blew the roof off of the room with his rock jams. It was a first time seeing Dustin, but his backing band of Zach MacLean and Brodie Peterson were very familiar to this crowd. Then there was Kendel Carson, who showcased her fiddle prowess, and tore a strip off of the stage while her bow proceeded to let its hair down over the course of the set. All in all it was a special night of music, and while it was my first trek to Hubbards, it won’t be my last. 2019 is already circled on the calendar.

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