Wildest Dreams – A Tribute to Taylor Swift at The Seahorse

At the end of the day, no matter what you might think, Taylor Swift is arguably the most well known pop artist in the world.  Whether it’s her captivating live performances or the small pieces of snark that cut through her lyrics, there is no question that Swift has built her persona into bonafide superstar, with an all time catalog worth celebrating.

On Thursday, March 22nd and Friday, March 23rd a group of Halifax’s finest will take to the stage, at The Seahorse, to celebrate Taylor Swifts young, yet acclaimed career.

Thursday nights guest openers consist of Laura Kempton and Emma Leblanc of The Drug Rugs; Roxy Mercier of Roxy and The Underground Sound; and Rosanna & Clayton Burrill of Hillsburn.

Friday night will see a change to the opening guests as Tara Thorne of Dance Movie, Gabrielle Papilon and Hello Delaware (set to perform as a duo) kick things off for night two.

Rounding out the lineup, for both nights, is the Acadian Embassy All-Stars.  Making up this years Swifties (let’s call the house band Swifties) are musicians from all different groups.  Trevor Murphy, Jay Methot and Julia Weir from Quiet Parade; Tori Cameron of Hello Delaware, The Town Heroes and others; Ryan Perry and Natalie Lynn of Natalie Lynns group; Jeff Pineau from past rockers Sleepless Nights; Leanne Hoffman and Chantal Cassie.

Tickets for Friday night are sold out but there are still tickets left for Thursday night and can be purchased over here.

To sleep on this show would be an utter mistake.  It’s very rare to have this amount of talent, assembled together, all in one place.

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