Midweek Mixdown – Clearing the Long Weekend Hangover Edition

As we’re all nursing Long Weekend Hangovers (figuratively, not literally in most cases), it might be a good time for a Midweek Mixdown that can get us into gear for the rest of this week. While it’s only a short week, we’re still a ways out from the weekend. Let’s push through the fog and hit our stride, shall we?

Liam Corcoran – “Tick Tock”

Former Two Hour Traffic front-man Liam Corcoran has recently dropped the single for his forthcoming record Nevahland. Great hook-laden track that is sure to lodge itself in your head. This one of those tracks that will whet your appetite for the entire record.

The Killers  – “Run For Cover”

While their first single “The Man” off of the forthcoming Wonderful, Wonderful was polarizing due to its heavy disco vibe, the second single “Run for Cover” sounds like classic Killers. This track is a driving slice of ’80s-inspired pop-infused rock. It would be right at home on either Battle Born or Sam’s Town. It’s a driving track that is over all too soon, as it clocks in at roughly 3m30s. I’m looking forward to seeing what Brandon, Ronnie and Co. have up their sleeves on their upcoming record.

Kesha – “Praying”

Lorde may have held the title for most anticipated album in 2017, but when it was announced that Kesha was prepping a comeback album, it shifted to the second most anticipated record. For a period, Kesha was little more than a punchline, as she felt like a discount version of Lady Gaga. Now that she’s shed a lot of that marketing and production, and stripped down her sound to its essence, she appears to be ready to show the world that she is a talented singer and artist. Check out Praying and listen to the pipes on this lady, this is one of those tracks that makes you listen with your mouth agape, as you sit in awe.

Portugal. The Man – “Feel It Still”

Sure sure, this song is a tad bit played out these days, but if you slow down a moment and check this video out, you might find your mind has been blown. From the first time I heard this track from the Alaskan-based band (??!?!), I would have sworn there was a female vocalist in the band, but upon further investigation, no women. Check out the way these lads find this interesting range with their voices, to give the impression of a female singer. I have a whole new appreciation for these guys.

DVBBS & CMC$ – “Not Going Home”

There are those songs that manage to defy expectation and they force their way into your psyche, leaving you humming an otherwise innocuous tune. This song is one that I heard in passing someplace, and I haven’t been able to shake it from my ears. I thought I would pass along this potential ear worm.


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