Friday Night Soundtrack – August 11th 2017

It’s been awhile since I had the time to sit down and hammer out a playlist for y’all, but with a month free from the clutches of university, it seems like a good time to rectify that (not to mention all of the jams that have been dropping lately). Let’s get to it.


1 – The Brood – Munchies

The breakdown in this song is so good that it’s impossible to contain myself. That is all. Listen to this song. It’s killer. Needless to say, this will very easily find its way to my favourite songs of 2017. Oh, and these cats are local. #Reppin



2 – Matt Mays – “Faint of Heart”

You know what is never a problem? MORE Matt Mays. Another local rocker on the list and another song that will also find itself on my favourite songs of 2017. By this point, can we all just declare that there is no one in this country writing hookier rock songs than Mays……seriously.



3 – Arcade Fire – “Put Your Money On Me”

Most of you probably didn’t get to this song because you shut the album down after the first five songs. That’s your first mistake. Will this go down as the best Arcade Fire album? Nope. Will the majority of people consider it their worst? More than likely. However, when you’re hitting grand slams all of the time, there is nothing wrong with a triple. “Put Your Money On Me” has this fantastic driving beat which sounds as if it was ripped out of an episode of Stranger Things. This is a serious jam that.…wait for it….wait for it…..wait for it….. I’d put my money on being a hit for Arcade Fire. (I had to do it.)



4 – Waxahatchee – “Silver”

Such a melodic indie rock sound on Waxahatchee’s latest album. Silver blends that ’90s pop punk sound with an artsy feel and creativity along the lines of Montreal rockers Stars. Think along the lines of a more raw-sounding “Ageless Beauty” by Stars.



5 – Franz Ferdinand – “Can’t Stop Feeling”

I’m digging deep on this one. Franz Ferdinand are one of my all time favs. Setting out to create catchy rock songs that you could dance to was the goal when this group first began. I would say that they nailed it. This would be a deeper cut, but still a song with a great drive to it.



BONUS SONG….because you know how I love my lists of five!


6 – Shakey Graves – “Roll The Bones”

I forgot all about this song. Shame on me. Shame on you for forgetting as well.



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