FNS Side 1: Thursday Edition

We’re going to mix things up a bit this week, and there won’t be just one Friday Night Soundtrack for the week, instead we’ll break it into two tasty morsels: Side 1 and Side 2. So let’s get into it, shall we?

“Only One Me” – Ice Cube

Just press play, and then punch Thursday in the teeth. Ice Cube just dropped the mic on the new school of Hip Hop with a slice of classic hard-hitting, bombastic West Coast rap. Cube takes aim at all of those rappers whose digitalized mumbles spend more time hiding behind the production, rather than standing out front and actually saying something. While he may split time between recording studios and film sets, don’t get him wrong; he’s as hard and angry as he has ever been.

“Legend Has It” – Run the Jewels 

Run the Jewels are one of a handful of acts who are furthering the spirit of hip-hop, as Killer Mike and LP manage to infuse socially-conscious messaging into their hard-hitting tunes. “Legend Has It” carries the torch that Cube and NWA hoisted back in the day.

13″ – Allan Rayman

We’re gonna shift gears a bit; while there is a definite hip-hop/’80s pop vibe to this tune, it also reminds me a lot of the early material of indie-electro acts Sir Sly and Chet Faker. Rayman’s tune “13” is haunting, as it will get in your head and refuse to leave, no matter how hard you try to shake it. This is a track that will more than likely flare up to a seemingly ubiquitous status, and then fade out to obscurity. For the time being, this track is fresh and new, so let’s enjoy it, before repeated radio play dooms it.

“Love Stuck” – Mother Mother

The latest single from Mother Mother’s No Culture, “Love Stuck” is a synth-laden, dreamy indie-pop affair, and is every bit as infectious as the band’s growing catalogue. Hooks abound on this tune, and they will latch onto your ear lobes, and you will find yourself humming this track everywhere.

“Sun Ought to Shine” – Hillsburn

A rather new offering from Hillsburn, as this will appear on the band’s forthcoming sophomore release, but live it sounds like a well-worn familiar sweater. On this track, you get a distinct sense of what this band is capable of, from the smoky, soulful tones of Rosanna Burrill’s voice, to the engaging lyrics written by the band’s songwriter (among many other titles) Paul Aarantzen. Do yourself a favour and get on this tune, as you need to see these folks live, they will blow you away.


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