Guest Post – James Burke’s Musical Mumbles

Every now and then we come across other music fans out there who have things to say/share but find themselves without an outlet for their words. James is someone that I met through work and quickly found out had a taste for music. After a few conversations, James agreed to step foot into the world of musical ramblings. These are his words!

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There is just so much good music. I can hardly contain myself.

Soko – Sweet Sound of Ignorance

This is a terrific piece from French actor/singer Soko. Her very delicate sounding vocals pair up with a simple bassline and twinkling synths for a very satisfying yet uncomfortable song. Lyrically it really speaks to introverts. It may take you a couple of listens, and it is not something you’ll want to play during a party, but with headphones when you are feeling alone and sad, it really hits the spot.

Linnea Henriksson – Säga mig

Linnea Henriksson is a Swedish singer-songwriter and possesses an absolutely stunning voice. I will admit I have no idea what she is singing about, but she sounds so good that as long as it isn’t a pro-Trump song then I don’t care. I appreciate that she sings in Swedish – but being such a small country with overall such good English language skills – she is really limiting her potential market to Swedes and weirdo Canadians. This song is so warm sounding – it sounds like a wood fire (not like in terms of hissing or crackling, I mean more metaphorically).

No Security – Skepta

Much like you, good friend, I enjoy Drake’s “More Life”. The discussion of the playlist (Drake’s terminology, not mine… then again, what is an album now? Hmmm….) got me curious to hear a little Grime. Beyond the novelty of hearing rap with a British accent (so proper sounding), I really got into this song. It’s nothing earth shattering – basically your boy Skepta is tougher than the other guy who is just fronting with his security guards and calling the paparazzi on himself. The beat is somewhere between the minimalist style of production popular in North American hip hop with some electro touches – like if Diplo produced it. Anyhow, it is worth four minutes of your time. I know you are busy, but relax, you’ll live longer.

Fire That Burns – Circa Waves

It is time for some good ol’ fashioned guitar rock from Liverpool’s Circa Waves. Indie seems to be embracing more grungy elements again, and I couldn’t be happier. I grew up on soft-loud-soft-loud. I want to stomp my foot when I know the pedal is being pressed. As per the YouTube comments I guess these guys were kinda soft on their last album (beats me… I’ve only listened to two of their songs – check out Wake Up as well!). I am quite happy I stumbled on this loud version of the band. I like the odds of a top 10 finish for this one at year-end.

Answer My Text – PWR BTTM

I love power pop. Up tempo, poppy songs with some edge. PWR BTTM is power pop (I guess PWR PP?). At first listen, this song has a bit of a novelty feel to it (the title gives it away!), but it fits pretty well in the PWR BTTM catalogue. As someone who is prompt replying to texts, I definitely get the sentiment expressed by Liv Bruce. They signed to Polyvinyl Records in 2016, which is a sign of good taste (Polyvinyl #1!). This duo has been all over my playlists for the last month. While you are at it, give a listen to “Projection,” “West Texas”, and I guess everything else too.

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