Carmel Mikol Drops Her New Album “Daughter of a Working Man”

(Halifax, NS) – Golden Bay Promotions are excited to announce that Carmel Mikol’s new album “Daughter of a Working Man” is finally here. 

Starting today, you can PREORDER the album and get exclusive access to limited edition hard copy CDs and other special extras. Plus, you’ll receive it before anyone else. Just click HERE to take a look at the packages and sample some tracks from the album.

Made over the course of three years, in two studios, with the help of Producer Jon Landry, a great band, a gang of guest vocalists, and strings by the Rhapsody Quintet, “Daughter of a Working Man” is a folk record dressed in strings, electronic effects, and textured vocals. Like all my writing, it’s centred on strong lyrics and storytelling, swinging between the deeply personal and broader issues of social inequality and injustice.

The first single, “Hold” is also available today. Listen and download it at iTunes or Bandcamp (also check Spotify and Amazon Music). This song is a rally cry, a street march, a protest song that is bold but understated, stubborn but kind.

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