Friday Night Soundtrack // First Edition of 2017

While we’re still working at knocking off that holiday rust, it was time that we got back to business and here you will find our latest edition of the Friday Night Soundtrack. This is more of an eclectic group of tunes than we normally assemble, but these are the tracks that caught our ears recently. Enjoy!

“Don’t Yah Feel Better?” – The Velveteins

This one came through to our inbox this week, and from the moment we tossed it on it warmed our ears. It is a fantastic retro rock tune that feels like a great UK pop-rock tune from the ’60s, catchy as all hell and well worth a listen. Really diggin’ this one.

“Freedom” – Rose Cousins

One of the many great things about living on the East Coast is the wealth of talent that exists in these parts, and Rose Cousins is another great example of the homegrown talent that has developed out here. She has been out on the road, playing to appreciative crowds all over Canada and the US, and she returns to Halifax in April to play St. Matthews church in support of her forthcoming album Natural Conclusion.

“Near to the Wild Heart of Life” – Japandroids

If your day needed a jumpstart, the latest track from Van-city’s Japandroids is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is a vibrant blast of aural caffeine, as it will incite you to get up and get moving (and maybe break something along the way). If this is the energy that emanates from the studio recording, I can only imagine how kinetic the live experience would be. Until the Japandroids make their way back to Halifax, this will just have to do.

“Redbone” – Childish Gambino

For those familiar with Gambino’s early work, “Redbone” and Awaken, My Love may seem like drastic departures, as Donald Glover’s alter-ego has evolved from hip-hop to this retro funk-soul sound. The taut intensity of “Redbone” is authentic and not immediately accessible, but with each listen, the track reveals a bit more of itself until you can’t shake it from your head. More people need to take notice that the Donald Glover takeover is upon us, as the former Troy Barnes and future Lando Calrissian is proving that he transcends genre and media barriers.

“Heavydirtysoul” – Twenty One Pilots

There aren’t many bands who have been enjoying the string of success that Twenty One Pilots has over the past year, and while “Heathens”, “Stressed Out”,  and “Tear in my Heart” have all enjoyed mainstream success, “Heavydirtysoul” was the song that I first heard from them and it was so drastically different from “Tear in my Heart”, I was sure I was listening to two different bands. I’m glad to see this track blowing up, because I believe this is closer to the heart of what Twenty One Pilots is.

“Seagulls, Stop It Now” – Bad Lip Reading

I discovered this over the holidays, and instantly fell in love. If you need to put a smile on your face, simply press play and let this track wash over you. Those damn Seagulls poking you in the coconut, but the tune will get stuck in your head and you won’t be able to shake it. While not a typical cut for us to include, it’s too good to ignore. Don’t blame us when you hit play on this for the 20th time, you have been warned, and you’ll find yourself sharing this with everyone you know.

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