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It’s time to put on your listening caps. I think I’ve cracked the code to a number of up & coming treasures, that have been locked up for awhile. These are artists that haven’t released any new material in years. And they’ve been hinting at us with new stuff, with their latest YouTube videos. I’m gonna throw in a mix of electronic music, all the way to indie/alternative rock. And all Canadian, of course. I think you’ll enjoy this playlist.

DIANA, “Slipping Away” from the upcoming album, “Familiar Touch”; releases November 8, 2016.

I remember way back when this band was forming, this was a side-project of Kieran Adams and Joseph Shabason (Destroyer), and the duo had added vocalist Carmen Elle to the mix. When their first single, “Born Again” released, I was hooked by their electronic-summer-chill sound, which would lead me to their full-length album, “Perpetual Surrender”. It had became a favourite of mine, back in 2013. They played an outdoor show during Halifax Pop Explosion that year, which had been much anticipated, and of course was amazing. DIANA, as of late, have already released two new tracks, “Slipping Away” & “Confession”. It’s just too bad that we’re gonna have to wait a month for their latest release.

Austra, “Utopia” from the upcoming album, “Future Politics”; releases January 20, 2017.

Speaking of Halifax Pop Explosion, I know most of you enjoyed the festival last week, and are slowly recovering. Well, this band Austra also played the festival a couple years back at the then-new Reflections Cabaret. It was that show that really got me into the band, after a stellar performance. They were touring for their EP, “Habitat”, which I didn’t really think quenched the thirst of many of their fans, solely cause it wasn’t a full release album. Maybe it was just an excuse for the band to get out and tour, but nonetheless, with a memorizing track like “Utopia”, I’m really looking forward to what Katie Stelmanis and her band have in store with “Future Politics”.

Louise Burns, “Storms” from the upcoming album, “Young Mopes”; releases February 3, 2017.

Ok, ok… I know you are really gonna hate me for this one. Louise Burns‘ latest album, “Young Mopes” doesn’t come out for another few months. Yes, a couple months after the new year. But I think this album is worth the wait. I remember catching one of her performances at Dalhousie’s CKDU lobby back in 2013, with support from fellow singer-songwriter, Gianna Lauren. It was a very lo-fi sound, with only a handful of people watching the show at the time, but the way Louise Burns graced the show was enough for me to go out and buy her album “The Midnight Mass”. With her latest track, “Storms”, this is a bit more upbeat from what we are used to listening to, which makes her sophomore release that much more interesting.

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