A Sunday Morning Video Fix

My modus operandi for this site is that I actually don’t get out too much. I spend my free time, once the kids have gone to bed, virtually creeping other peoples’ musical social lives. I love looking at all of the wicked concert photography on Instagram. I also love feeding my music obsession via Twitter, SoundCloud, and especially YouTube. While the other “fortunate ones” are out catching the newest live shows, I am at home, most likely, watching random YouTube videos or listening to Spotify playlists.

This past weekend, in my social media music scanning, I came across the newest video from Fortunate Ones. The song, “Lay Me Down”, has become a regular on my playlists so I was pumped to see the newest visual version.

I must say, I have a weakness for any song that uses “Brother” or “Sister” in its lyrics as proper nouns. I also must say that I have a real weakness for nighttime videos, and rooftop videos.  Based on these weaknesses, it would be slightly strange if I didn’t include the other music video that blew up the local internet last week. Adam Baldwin released a video to his single “Daylight”. I actually creeped various aspects of the production of this video (thanks again to social media), and, man, it looked like a fun time. An overnight, rooftop video, shot in Halifax, with Baldwin singing to his “Brother” and “Sister” about overcoming darkness.

Sold and sold.


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A music, movie, lyrics and quotes junkie. Currently doesn't get out much with four kids at home, but can be seen making her kids watch various YouTube videos of her favorite musicians or soundtracks and then creating life lessons about them.