Floodland Does The Beatles–Concert Review

When a band decides to take on covering one of the biggest bands to ever walk the earth, it can go one of two ways. It can be an utter disaster (which I’ve seen on more than one occasion) or it can be what I saw last Thursday (June 23, 2016). Floodland took the reins and tore through two incredible sets from the fab four. There were hits and deep cuts, guests and jams, rock and roll.

With the energy still riding high after Adam Baldwin’s CD release show, Floodland opened their set with “Hey Bulldog,” a deep track from Yellow Submarine. They had the crowd hooked. The dance floor was packed for the rest of the set. A couple of more popular tunes came next to keep the energy up: “Hello Goodbye,” “Good Day Sunshine,” and “With a Little Help from My Friends.” They then called for a little help from their friends, with a guest appearance from Barb Cameron who helped them tear through “Revolution” and “All My Loving”. The rest of the first set was littered with songs both old and new. Roxy Mercier (Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound) joined Halifax’s new fab four on stage for “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Oh Darling”. After dedicating “Birthday” to someone in the audience, Natalie Lynn had the crowd singing their hearts out to round out the first set with “Come Together” and “Hey Jude.”


After what I assume was a tea and crumpet break (because Liverpool) the band gathered back on stage to take us “Back in the USSR.” The true Beatles rock and roll feel was set and they followed it up with an extended rock jam version of “Helter Skelter” (my personal favourite of the night). “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” induced some slow dancing in the crowd until that infectious solo started, and the dancing stopped, and gazes were upon the guitars. Their last guest Dana Beeler (Hello Delaware) knocked our socks off with a raucous version of “Taxman” and a beautiful, melodic version of “Here Comes the Sun.”


Throughout the night I found myself saying “That was the best one yet,” only until they played their next song and I had to repeat myself over and over. It kept getting better and better. If people weren’t familiar with The Beatles when they showed up, Floodland made them a fan. And if people were only familiar with The Beatles, they left a fan of Floodland. Since the show I’ve spent an excessive amount of time looking into not only Floodland, but the bands that their guests are a part of. I would whole-heartedly encourage everyone to see all of the bands involved live. There is no doubt I would give this show a solid four mop tops out of four. I’m sure by the end of the night they all had blistas on their fingahs.

Floodland- Eight Days a Week

All photos credited to Trevor Savory!

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