A Playlist For Parents In The Trenches

Oh, how visions and realities can differ.

Take parenthood for example. Most parents will tell you, it’s not what they envisioned.  The love can be surprisingly overwhelming, and the term “#blessed” can put a whole new meaning on things when you are holding a newborn baby in your arms. However, speed ahead two and half years, and with the accumulation of sleep deprivation, being ruled by mini-dictators, repeatedly mopping up purposely spilled milk, and yelling, “GET BACK IN BED” multiple times a night, a parent may begin to wonder (while silently crying into their pillow) if “#blessed” is actually more of a “#tortured”….

Classified definitely nails parenting in the trenches with his new song “Having Kids is Easy”.  However, its almost too upbeat for me as I tend to lean towards more emotionally haunting music while in the trenches of parenthood. Like Reuben and The Dark.

And a little Mo Kenney helps describe the way I feel most days after having my personal space violated all day by babies and kids.

These early days of sleep deprivation, constant emotional and physical sacrifice do pass right?  Right?? Old Man Leudecke, a father who appears to be climbing his way out of the trenches, leaves us with this wise advice from an old man behind him in line at the Superstore.

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A music, movie, lyrics and quotes junkie. Currently doesn't get out much with four kids at home, but can be seen making her kids watch various YouTube videos of her favorite musicians or soundtracks and then creating life lessons about them.