Who is Bae?

Ok, I know I have been out of touch having babies and changing diapers but when did “bae” become a word? I see it all of the time now on social media comments – usually pertaining to a young male celebrity. I asked my young hip friend that I work with what it meant and she went off on a tangent about Bae being one of the reasons she can’t get a guy to commit these days. That and Tinder.

All I need to know is, can I like this song by Pharrell Williams? I am a little hesitant to after the whole rape song thing with Robin Thicke, but I feel like Pharrell just got caught up in the beat of the song and didn’t realize what he was singing about. Have we forgiven him? Is Bae sexually derogatory towards women? Miley Cyrus is in the video so that also makes me a little suspicious.

But the beat. And his voice. I want to add this to our family dance sessions but I need to know who Bae is first.



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