Midweek Mixdown: Fired Up Edition!

It has been an interesting week thus far, we battled the Ice King and had a brief reprieve before the next wintery blast. Classes were scrapped and the weather provided adequate reason to have an extended weekend, but now it’s time for us to venture forth from our snowy burrows and deal with our shadows once again. Even if the groundhog said Spring would be here sooner than later, he never said what we would have to deal with in the meantime. Rather than letting it drag us down, let’s hit the play button and get the show on the road, the snow won’t be around for that much longer.

1. “I Need Never Get Old” // Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

This is a song fueled by piss and vinegar; if it doesn’t get you moving then there might be cause for concern, as you may be dead.  I for one have been suffering from S.O.B. burnout, so when the band hit the Tonight Show and broke this track out, my ears immediately perked up. It’s a track that brims with vintage energy, and harkens back to a time when rock and roll was simpler. I haven’t been able to shake this track since I heard it, so I pass along this energetic ear worm to you.

2. “7 Years” // Lukas Graham

Some songs take some time to percolate through your ears, and take a leisurely journey to your heart, however with a track such as “7 Years” it just strikes your core immediately. This track feels fresh, familiar and vibrant; there’s a great energy here, it has tinges of melancholy, but ultimately it strikes me as a hopeful track.  Definitely worth a listen.

3. “Amerika” // Wintersleep

The great thing about Wintersleep is that as much as they evolve as a band, they never stray far from that atmospheric electro-rock sound which helped them endure as one of the best bands to emerge from Halifax.  While this track is pure Wintersleep, at times there are definite shades of both The Band and Neil Young which shine through.  I’m looking forward to seeing the band in Halifax over the summer.

4. “Great Summer” // Vance Joy

After two standout performances at the Rebecca Cohn, Vance Joy closed out the Canadian Tour here in Halifax after a 3 night stay. He’s an incredibly affable chap, bantering between songs and giving a little backstory on some of the bigger songs in his repertoire. This track was from the soundtrack to Paper Towns but is another great folk-pop gem.

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