Monday Morning Mailbag Mixdown

After a few weeks of fighting with a now defunct 3 terabyte hard drive, and attempting to rescue a few years worth of music photography, I’m finally back!  I’ve been sifting through our Inbox submissions and have opted to bring you a few of my personal favourites of the pieces submitted.

Bass Lions – Be Your Man (Giant Eyeball Remix)

The remix dropped earlier this month, and it takes the 2014 release from the Ontario-based electro-pop quartet and strips it down and tosses it directly into this ambient soundscape. This track harkens back to the late 90s trip-hop boom, as it is equal parts haunting and alluring. This is one of those tunes that will stick with you throughout the day.

Yzra – “Looking at the Stars”

This is one of those tracks that just hits you in the perfect spot from the very first listen. There are elements of Walk Off The Earth here, and some distinct reggae influences, but paired with a subdued folk-pop vibe.  Fans of accessible energetic folk-pop would feel right at home here. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Yzra, I doubt it will be your last.

Tio – “Through the Heavy Clouds”

A cool blast of ambient synth-pop is what you will get from the moment you press play on “Through the Heavy Clouds”.  There’s not a lot of weight here, it’s like riding a cool autumn breeze as the Toronto electro outfit serves as your tour guide and soundtrack provider. I would love to hear more from Tio.

Rain Over St. Ambrose – “Broken Love”

ROSA are one of my personal favourite bands to emerge from the East Coast in recent years. The way that the band fuses harmony and a tumultuous rock base creates an alluring aural contrast.  Next week the band will be in Halifax performing at the Halifax Pop Explosion 2015 edition (and then in Yarmouth on Nov 7th for NS Music Week), and are one of the shows I’m hoping to take in during the week.  Do yourself a favour and check out Rain Over St. Ambrose before the secret gets out.

Quiet Parade – “We Were Here”

If you hit play on the lead single from the Trevor Murphy-led Quiet Parade, you will be immediately drawn to its earnest “fog-rock” sound which will enter your ear holes, but will immediately find a way to fasten itself to your heart.  There are definitely shades of Wintersleep here, but there are definite elements of Death Cab for Cutie as well.   If you live(love) what you hear, then check out Quiet Parade on November 20th at the Seahorse here in Halifax, or during Halifax Pop Explosion on October 22nd at the Carleton.

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