HPX Part 3 – Bands You Don’t Know And Should Not Miss

In our third and last part of our Halifax Pop Explosion preview we dig deep into the trenches to dig up those acts that you probably haven’t yet heard of but should go out of your way to check out.  (You can read part one over here and the second part here.)

Dear Rouge @ Halifax Multi Purpose Centre, Oct 23rd at 8pm

This Vancouver-based duo has spent the past three years captivating their audiences with the ability to fuse electronica and rock all into one.  One of the catchier dance-rock acts to grace any of the stages at this year’s Pop Explosion, Dear Rouge will no doubt wear the shoes off all of those in attendance.

Walrus @ Gus’s Pub, Oct 21st at 1am

It’s not very often that a lo-fi psychedelic surf pop band will hit the mark, and (to be completely honest) it’s far more often a blend of “please no!” and “whhhyyyy?!”  Luckily for Haligonians, Walrus is the complete opposite.  Where they may fall a tad short on stage presence, these lads fly high with a kaleidoscope of music which will more than quench the thirst of your ear buds.

Sorrey @ Reflections Cabaret, Oct 21st at 10pm

Rich in breezy, pop tones and friendly electro beats, Emillee Sorrey’s solo debut (she has adopted the stage name Sorrey) is an honest and heartfelt album which plays as if you’re venturing through a dreamlike haze.  Both very interesting and beautiful.

Port Cities @ The Company House, Oct 22nd at 12am

It would be a complete shame for anyone to miss this show.  In coming together, three of Nova Scotia’s finest up-and-comers (Carleton Stone, Breagh MacKinnon and Dylan Guthro) have formed a folky-pop super group.  Even though they may all be young in age, all three are seasoned songwriters, accomplished musicians and brilliant vocalists.  This show will be a pure joy to experience.


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