Halifax Pop Explosion Preview Part 2 – Bands You May or May Not Know

In part one of our 3-part Halifax Pop Explosion extravaganza (you can check it out here) we helped hammer home what all of you HPX fans already know.  Who to see, when they’re playing and why you should see them.  At its core the Halifax Pop Explosion is a celebration of music and an exploration of music unheard.  Where part 1 featured artists with a more global appeal, part 2 and 3 tend to lean toward a more indie, local vibe.

Glory Glory @ Casion Nova Scotia Harbourfront Lounge, Oct. 23rd at 9pm

The biggest hidden gem you’ll find within the musical landscape of Halifax, Glory Glory has spent the past few years building its fan base thanks to a calculated mix of new wave vibes sprinkled over pop driven melodies.  I had the pleasure of seeing these lads tear the roof off of the Olympic Community Centre last year and have to say that this is one of my most anticipated shows during the 2015 edition of the Pop Explosion.

Like A Motorcycle, @ The Seahorse Tavern, Oct 21st at 10pm

With a slew of high profile performances underneath their belts this past year, Like A Motorcycle looks to close the year off as strong as it started with shows during the HPX and Nova Scotia Music Week.  This four piece, all female punk/rock band epitomizes the idea of what punk/rock is all about.  With a natural grit and attitude that most yearn for, these four ladies embody all that is punk.

Jenn Grant @ St. Matthews Church, Oct. 24 at 7pm

Shame on you for not being surprised that Prince Edward Island darling Jenn Grant was not found on part 1 of our HPX preview.  This songstress has spent the past decade honing her skills while compiling an impressive list of collaborations and awards.  To be able to see Jenn Grant in a live setting is one thing but to see her in the Hali-famous St Matthews church is another.  If you’re looking for the perfect marriage between vocalist and setting, this is it.

Braids @ Reflections Cabaret, Oct. 23rd at 10pm

One of the most interesting acts to play at the 2014 Halifax Pop Explosion, this 3-piece Calgary-based band has a sound both distinct and hard to describe.  Relying heavy on pedals, loops and pre-mixed beats, Braids’ grasp of experimental art rock is rivaled by none and revered by many.  The most common mistake that people make with this group is not allowing themselves a chance to be mesmerized by the music coming from the speakers. If given half a chance, Braids is sure to be one of the moodiest and most enthralling acts of the festival.



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