Friday Night Soundtrack – Oct 2nd, 2015

With September blowing in and out in the blink of an eye, summer is officially over and we now set our sights to the shorter days and colder months as winter creeps close.  With that out of the way, let’s move on to some random songs that have no connection other than the fact that they’ve been spinning in my ears for the past week.

1 – Albert Hammond Jr – “Power Hungry”

Breaking away from New York indie giants The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr was able to keep intact his underground New York persona while exploring alternative sides of the pop world. The opening bass line is good and so simple it’s great.


2 – Ryan Adams – “Blank Space”

By now everyone has heard that Ryan Adams took Taylor Swift’s pop spectacular, 1989, and turned it into a bona fide rock album.  In one of the more intimate moments on the album, Adams digs into the softer side and creates one of the best songs you’ll hear this year.


3 – Matthew Good Band – “Apparitions”

There are two things in this world that make me feel old. Watching my niece and nephew grow up and music. I can remember watching the Matthew Good Band on tour promoting the Underdogs album. It was my freshman year of university, almost twenty years ago…, I feel old.


4 – Arcade Fire – “Keep The Car Running”

When it’s all said and done Arcade Fire are going to go down as the greatest act to ever come out of Canada and will be mentioned when people reference bands such as The Beatles, The Stones and Zepplin.  At this very moment, watching Arcade Fire perform live is comparable to watching Floyd during the Dark Side of The Moon tour or Jackson with Thriller.  If you’re missing them you’re missing greatness.


5 – Florence + The Machine – “Ship to Wreck”

A group that I’ve never really latched onto in the past but now find myself intrigued with parts of their latest release How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.  “Ship to Wreck” is a perfect example of what great pop music sounds like.  Florence Welch is an absolute beast on this track.


6 – Haim – “The Wire”

Admit it….you forgot about this one.  Great jam.  An absolute gem.

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