Midweek Mixdown – We will help Jump the Hump!

Hey, it’s been a bit since I sat down and had some solid tunes for you; the radio has been pretty uninspired lately, but fortunately I’ve been on the hunt for some good mid-week listening.   Here are a few tunes that have been catching my ear lately, enjoy!

1. “Uptown Funk” – Ben Caplan & Old Man Luedecke

While the song itself is pretty played out, Caplan and Luedecke really breathe some enjoyable life into this overplayed track.  Personally, this video really made me want to see these two perform in person.

2. “Emily” – San Fermin

This is a tune I tripped over while perusing Spotify playlists, and it immediately caught my ear.  The tone of Allen Tate’s voice is warm and inviting, and the vibe of the track is this sultry low-key sound which feels right at home in the dark of night.

3.  “Run” – Andy Brown

Easily-accessible singer songwriter fare, which would make an excellent addition to any autumn roadtrip playlist.

4.  “Jump Hi” – Lion Babe ft/ Childish Gambino

A buddy sent me this after hearing it on a Beats 1 radio program, and the track sizzles; but what puts it over the top is the verses from Childish Gambino.  This track is nothing short of sizzling.

5. “Shake it Off” – James Bay
It would have been easy enough to write off James Bay as a one-hit wonder a few months ago as “Hold Back the River” tore up radio charts and continues to get steady airplay.  However since then, he continues to show his chops with this cool indie rock version of the Florence and the Machine hit.  That guitar work tho!

6. “Here” – Alessia Cara

This is a track that knocked my socks off the very first time I heard it; it was something special. For an 18 year old, her voice exceeds her years.  You can check the studio version, but the acoustic version really shows how special Cara is.  This lady is poised to blow up on the success of this tune.

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