Monday Morning Soundtrack :: Where’d the Weekend Go?

I’m astonished at how fast time passes, and before you know it, 7 days have zipped by and we’re back at the weekend.  I’ve had the headphones glued on over the past week and we have some great tracks to share with you.  This week’s list will be made of some Mailbag submissions, a new local act which caught my ear earlier today and a couple of other tracks which we’ve been digging.  Sit back, slap on some headphones and enjoy!

Update: Ironically enough, this weekend was faster than the previous 7 days in front of it, it’s now Sunday evening and I’ve finally made my way back to the keyboard to finish this playlist to brighten your Monday.

1. “Heaven + High Water” – P’ARIS

This track showed up in my inbox earlier this week, and once I pressed that play button I was honestly surprised at what I heard.  “Heaven + High Water” is a trippy electro pop tune, which accompanied an even trippier video. This track has haunted me all week as it tried to burrow deeper into my brain. Highly recommended.

2. “When You’re Gone” – Run, Ellie!

There are times when you come across a band/artist/song that just knocks you off of your feet. That was the case when I saw a family friend post a video by his son’s band Run, Ellie!, and hit the play button.  This is the second track they’ve posted, and is one that could easily be picked up by local radio (I’m looking at you 96.5FM) and would garner these lads a lot of attention.  Their brand of hooky indie pop-rock is nothing if not infectious, the chops displayed here are impressive.  Keep an eye out for Run, Ellie!, they are well worth your time.

3. “Never Quit” – Pet Sun

Considering I was well entrenched in the grunge scene as it exploded during my high school years, I was instantly transported back to the days of mix tapes and CMJ discs of obscure indie acts with Pet Sun’s dark, murky post-grunge sound.  This is a definite throwback to the grunge era and feels like their take on that sound, and it feels so authentic that I wanted to lace up my Doc Martens and throw on some tattered jeans and a flannel shirt.  This is far from anything remotely poppy or polished, but if you’re interested in an authentic take on the grunge sound, this is it.

4. “Heavy” – Glorious Sons

Last week, it was announced that Glorious Sons would be hitting the Alderney Landing stage in support of The Arkells on Canada Day.  For this HAFILAX writer, the headliner would have had to try hard to make me avoid this show.  With tracks such as “Mama”, “White Noise” and “Lightning”, people should be familiar already, but if you’re not, you may recognize the band’s most distinct track “Heavy”.

5. “Hallelujah” – Panic at the Disco

Panic At The Disco (PatD) recently dropped their latest single Hallelujah, which quickly lodged itself deep inside of our ear holes, and despite this it could just have easily been a track released by label mates Fallout Boy.  There’s even a little Sam Smith flare mixed in for good measure. I don’t know if they can contain that sort of sugary jolt for an entire album, but even if they are unable to, I’ll sit back and enjoy this tuft of Cotton Candy.

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