Friday Night Soundtrack – June 26th, 2015 – Jam Edition

It’s been a long time coming.  This first half of 2015 has been so busy that our weekly fun piece was inadvertently pushed aside. With school finished and the summer months finally upon us, it appears that the perfect time for a comeback would be now.  Here are five songs to help kick off the summer in the most jammy way possible.

A side note….Tom Power does the morning show for CBC Radio 2 and more often than not, absolutely kills it.  Even though the term “jam” has been around for eons, he needs to get props for bringing it back to the forefront. Mr. Power gives us jams five days a week, so why not help him out by doing our part to pass on some jammy love!


1 – “Solving and Running” by Kiev

I first heard this song at a friend’s place and instantly had it added to my regular rotation.  Loaded with a complex wall of sound and soaring vocals, much akin to a Radiohead/Mute Math sound, Kiev spend five minutes taking you into their dreamlike haze.


2 – “Dreams” by Beck

Never one to stand still, Beck has spent his entire career creating and recreating his sound.  Hot off a successful run which netted a Grammy for album of the year, Beck’s latest single is a non-stop groove that should take his new identity in the opposite direction of where he stood only a short while ago. The amount of jam happening in this song is so overwhelming that we needed to include it two separate playlists this week.  Jammmmmmmmmmm I say!


3 – “Harriet” by Hey Rosetta!

At this  point there is no denying my love for this Newfoundland group.  A recognizable sound, unlike any out there, Hey Rosetta! have been building a reputation as Canada’s darlings.  Their latest release, Second Sight, is poised to thrust the band into realms not yet visited.


4 – “Talk To Me” by Kopecky

A thumping bass line drives this song throughout the verse but it’s the sharp cutting, indie pop chorus that gets me every time.


5 – “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

There is nothing to say here.  An absolute Jammmmm.


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