Friday Night Soundtrack – July 4th, 2014

With so much going on it was really tough to decide on a theme for this weeks edition of the FNS.  We have the Evolve festival coming up as well as the second week of the Big Red Festival.  Both of these events are more than deserving enough to have a quick five song article dedicated to them, but alas, I must go in another direction. 

For three long years we’ve been waiting for this show to take place.  There have been questions and rumblings into why the band broke up.  Did they have enough with music or each other?  Did some members want to go in a different direction thus causing friction within the band or maybe it was just time to give up the dream and get one of those boring 9-5 type jobs behind a desk.

Suddenly these questions did not matter as the band announced that they would be doing a proper farewell tour around here on the East Coast.

Ladies and gentlemen this weeks edition of the FNS is a shout out to one of my favourite bands that I’ve ever had the chance to see….The Jimmy Swift Band.

1 – Now They Will Know We Were Here (Pt. 2)

Such an awesome jam with a great little break down.  This track always get the people moving.


2 – When Worlds Collide

This has got to be the most mind blowing song JSB play live.  I have a version recorded live off of a board from the early 2000’s and it’s to date, in my opinion, the best version of this jam.  Mike’s bass playing is crazy steady.


3 – Turnaround

This was JSB’s first real attempt at breaking into the mainstream market and to be honest I’m a little surprised that it didn’t catch on more than it did.  The track is well written and visually the video is fantastic.


4 – Awww Yeah

Another example of Mike’s steady bass playing.  This is one of JSB’s earlier tracks (while they were still going by the name PF Station).  Very funky jam and talk about easy to sing along….only two words repeated throughout the song.


5 – Astronauts Attempting To Take Off Their Space Suits (so that they may copulate)

Another classic JSB jam song.  Over 10 mins of funky, mind melting, space infused guitar rock.  There  really is nothing more to say than wow.

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