The Friday Night Soundtrack – Late Late Edition

In honor of the Big Red Music Festival’s kick-off tomorrow the 28th, we thought it was only appropriate to place the focus on some of the acts who will be gracing the stage over this weekend, and Saturday July 12th.

So without further adieu here we go…..

1. “Shake Tramp” – Marianas Trench

When I think Marianas Trench, this is the song I immediately go to in my mental rolodex, it really defines what the band has been about for their career thus far, an edgier, more theatric power-pop rock band.  Hopefully for all those in attendance, Josh and the lads will rip into this on Saturday Night.

2.  “Mr Mike” – Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd has relelased with his re-introduction of “Mr. Mike” which serves as a great explanation of who he is these days.  it also pays homage to the great 90’s hip hop videos from Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot who both used the Fisheye Lens to great effect.

3. “Burning Man” – Adam Baldwin

What’s not to like about a guy who has a distinctive Springsteen-esque tone to his voice and an acoustic guitar.  His ability to create these fantastic, sometimes melancholy tunes is staggering, this may not start a party, it’s a great tune nonetheless.

4. “Headsick” – July Talk

Another july 12th Act, one of the newer more exciting up and coming acts on the bill.  Headsick was featured by Justin a few months ago, and as it’s garnering some airplay these days.  I believe their set at Big Red will be one of the best at the entire fest.

5. “Bad Moon Rising” (CCR Cover) – The Killers

It’s good to see Brandon Flowers start to smile and enjoy himself on stage, and with a cover such as this, it’s hard not to.  It appears that the guy who initially seemed to be an epic curmudgeon, seems to have turned that frown upside down and is making fun music again.

There’s the first 5 acts you should think about checking out during the festival, I know we’ll be seeing some of them over the next couple of weeks.

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