One Track – Mokomokai – “Poison Whiptail”

In recent years there have been bands (see The Darkness) who have their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks when it comes to retro metal and rawk, it all smacks of Novelty and Nostalgia.  At times that 70’s Metal sound is lost to a flamboyant bucket of glitter and pop influence, but then there are bands such as Mokomokai who would sooner punch the glitter off of those bands and then proceed to melt their faces off with some sweet, thick and juicy guitar licks with a hearty helping of authentic 70’s metal power howling.  This is a track which has slowly grown on me since first pressing play, and at first I was worried about that throwback nostalgia factor, but with each repeated listen, I am convinced this is not some sort of put-on and Mokomokai have managed to travel through time to bring us some vintage 70’s era metal from their native era.

The other great thing about Mokomokai and their “Poison Whiptail” is that they are currently out on tour and will be in town on March 28th to tear up the stage at Gus’ Pub and Grill.  Come out and enjoy some great authentic 70’s metal and get there early enough so that you can check out the opening acts Cheap Gas ( @cheapgasband ) and Pounding Sand.

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