Halifax Invades PEI! (For East Coast Music Week… of course).

So, East Coast Music Week is just around the corner, happening on beautiful Prince Edward Island, and our boys & women from Halifax are out to claim some hardware, in the form of some trophies. East Coast Music Week is not all about awards though, it’s about bringing your gear, and rockin’ it out. It’s all about the feeling of being at the festival & all the good times of being there. Here’s 5 artists/bands that are invading the island, and are going to do just that!

Billie Dre & The Poor Boys

Speaking of good times, the first band I want to tell you about is Billie Dre & The Poor Boys. These guys are so fun, I’ve seen a couple of their shows already at last year’s Halifax Pop Explosion, and they really know how to interact, and rock out with their fans. Their music is really bluesy, with a bit of high energy punk. Check out their rendition of a hockey Cinderella story…

Skratch Bastid

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Skratch Bastid was making his appearance at the East Coast Music Week. He’s internationally known for cuttin’ up, and he’s making his way to island. Yes, my friends, the festival has just gotten that much sweeter. You want some sick DJing, this turntablists is the man to get the job done.

Quake Matthews

This guy was totally off my radar for shows to hit during the festival, but after seeing a few of his videos on YouTube, I’m just like “Whoa”. He’s going on my radar of shows to see, for sure. This hip-hop artist is from Fairview, Halifax, (a place where I like to hangout), and it’s good to see this artist breakout. Meaningful lyrics, and some awesome beats. Check out Quake Matthews


Mix in hilarious rhymes, with some clever lyrics, and you get the best thing since sliced bread… yes, it’s Wordburglar! Starting his career in the rap business a decade ago, Wordburglar has toured several festivals including HPX, and SXSW. This year, he’ll be hitting up the East Coast Music Week for a fun set! Check out the rap video about comic books, recorded at HAL-CON.

Tom Fun Orchestra

And continuing the trail of fun sets, there is also the Tom Fun Orchestra! Ok, they are not originally from Halifax, but from the island of Cape Breton, which is close enough. (We need an island vs. island battle anyway). They are another one of my must sees, and favourites, and again are playing at the East Coast Music Week, which they fit right in with their brand of east coast indie rock.

There’s a whole lot more bands playing at East Coast Music Week, to see these artist & others check out the schedule on the website by clicking here.

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Me, I'm an avid music goer, documenting/photographing Halifax's music scene. I like loud shows, and long walks on the beach.