Here’s Some East Coast Music For Yah…

Also known as… Here’s Some East Coast Music For Yah… Tunes For Winter Afternoons

I stumbled on a pretty good set of tracks this afternoon, totally by random of course. And as I was going through the tracks, one by one, I was thinking to myself… “this is really good but… I’ve heard this before”. And as the songs kept going, track after track, the songs became more familiar & recognizable, and it totally occurred to me… these songs are all from east coast artists. And, well, most of them are actually from Halifax.

Now, I’m trying to keep this all of a surprise, as I am posting this playlist.

This playlist is actually quite mellow, sorta singer/songwriterish, but it really captures the theme of “Winter Afternoons”. Not in the sense… lyrically. But in the feeling of staying indoors, looking out the window as it’s pretty white/greyish out, wearing your favorite sweater, and sipping on a cup of tea. You could be cooking a hot meal, I dunno.

Anyway, it’s pretty mellow, you’ve been warned…

#1: Willie Stratton, “Video Tape Blues”

Willie Stratton by Willie Stratton

#2: Jenn Grant, “I Want You Back”

#3: Amelia Curran, “Hands On A Grain Of Sand”

#4: Ria Mae, “Could You Forgive Me”

#5: Al Tuck, “Slapping the Make On You”

Under Your Shadow by Al Tuck

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