Live Review – True Love Rules, Heather Green & Repartee Live @ The Bus Stop Theatre, Oct. 24, 2013

With no prior knowledge of the venue or most of the bands, I decided that Thursday nights outing would be best served at The Bus Stop Theatre.

I was running a little late and didn’t get there until the second act of the evening was on stage, Dave Marsh & True Love Rules.  Blending a nice clean rock sound with some country tones, Dave Marsh put on a great working mans set (think something along the lines of a Bruce Springsteen or John Fogerty  set).  But what really surprised me were the vocals.  He sang as if he were speaking at times and often sounded like David Bowie.  All in all True Love Rules put on an entertaining show that left the crowd impressed.

Next to the stage was Heather Green.  Originally from California (but a Halifax native since 2009) this songstress came complete with a duo of backup singers and local rock band, Young River.  Needless to say with the amount of talent on the stage, there was no doubt we were in for a performance.  From the strike of the first chord to the last thump of the kick drum, Heather Greens performance was nothing short of fantastic.  Her smokey vocals blended beautifully with the backup harmonies and having Young River act as a backup jazz band was perfect.  Why she isn’t playing for packed houses on a regular basis is beyond me.  I expect a big break out in the near future.

The last group of the night, is a four piece dance band from NFLD who go by the name Repartee.  Led by Meg Warren, Repartee, hit the stage with one thing in mind; to make you dance.  The blend between powerhouse vocals and infectious synth-pop beats led to constant dancing from those in attendance.  If your looking for a good time and feel like getting down, Repartee are a group to see.

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