Like A Motorcycle, #Motorpool, Indie

motorpoolThree weeks ago we had the pleasure to attend the launch party for #Motorpool the latest release from Halifax-based trio Like a Motorcycle.  It was an interesting introduction to the band, as their set that night was acoustic which is quite unlike the typical Like A Motorcycle sound.  #Motorpool is a blink and you might miss it EP as it’s a collection of 4 tracks which range from RAWK to Blues Rock to Power Pop and clocks in at a paltry 9 minutes even.  It’s a snack sized offering which packs one hell of a punch! At times Like a Motorcycle (LaM)’s lead vocalist Kim Carson invokes a distinct Courtney Love vibe on the hard driving “Naked Pictures” but the Tegan and Sarah-esque back and forth on “Pete Doherty’s Eyes” is a winner in that the stripped down nature of the tune allows the harmonies between Kim Carson (bassist) and Michelle Skelding (Drums) to really shine.   This an album on which you’re going to wear out the repeat button, as the 4 tracks contained within #Motorpool are just enough to get you revved up, only to discover the EP is over.  The anticipation for the eventual full length is going to be unbearable.  This is a great introduction to Like a Motorcycle, and will certainly whet your appetite, but certainly won’t satiate it.

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